Monday, 24 December 2012

Statistics: Indian Road Fatalities

So I was watching Top Gear earlier (the episode where they are idiots in India rather than just in England), and Jeremy Clarkson claimed that there are 196,000 road fatalities in India a year or, as he put it, 22 an hour.

Well damn.

However, this was said by Jeremy Clarkson, a man known for having zero credibility on anything (in my eyes anyway). So I decided, because I have literally nothing better to do, to check out this statistic, and also analyse what it implies.

So, first stop, WIKIPEDIA. Now I disagree with anyone who says Wikipedia is a poor source, because it contains good information in nice, condensed parcels. Just check their sources and you should be fine. And I checked sources, so I'm pretty confident when I say it is NOT 196,000.

It's 133,938. In 2010. Pretty high still. This number is specifically traffic accidents on the road and not, I don't know, incidences of people dying whilst trying to drive a classic muscle car onto a boat.

So how many deaths is that per hour? Well 133,938/365/24 = 15.3. (just to clarify, 196,000 deaths a year is about 22 an hour, so Clarkson was right)

Compare this to the UK's annual death rate, which is 2,222 (No I am not making that up), and therefore 0.25 an hour, and India looks like a pretty damn dangerous place to drive. India has the most road deaths of any country in the world (by the statistics I looked at ). However, it also has a bloody huge population and quite a few car owners. If you look at road deaths per 100,000 cars owned (which is kind of important) then India is pretty tame. The worst, according to Wikipedia AND I COULD FIND NO ACTUAL SOURCE, was Togo.

And that concludes this pointless blog post about road traffic accidents in India.

Merry Christmas!