Friday, 2 November 2012

£5 for 5 days: Day 4

I would have liked to somehow compare this day to the temptations of Christ, but then I realised I don't actually know that story and also that's pretty big headed. And probably cliched. So instead I'll just tell you all; today was full of temptation!

Breakfast started the day alright, with porridge at around 8. But after lectures I was hungry, so it was fried bread and a bourbon cream by 10.30, then another slice around 12 because I didn't think I'd have time for dinner, so decided to have a lunch/dinner at 3. Unfortunately this dinner has exhausted my curry sauce supply, though I still have 27p to get more. Turns out I DID have time for dinner, so at 5.40 I flash fried some bread to keep me going for the evening. My friend came over and I cooked him soup, which was incredibly tempting to eat myself but I didn't buy it with the £5!

And then GameSoc. It seems the point of this society at Surrey is to play games and EAT LOTS OF PIZZA. As soon as I walk in I'm hit by the smell of Meat Feasts, Four Seasons, Mexican BBQ chicken beef sauce thing which tastes so very very very good.... I even end up craving kebab which, when you consider I've only ever had one, is quite impressive. In the end I leave early, when my opponents declare they are off for pizza too. Fried bread, a bourbon cream or 3 and a Nerf Gun make me forget the pizza, mostly.

Guess what I'm having first day after this is finished?

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