Saturday, 3 November 2012

£5 for 5 Days: Days 5-6

Wait, 5 to 6? It's £5 for 5 days! Yes, but I started midway through Monday thus I must end midway through Saturday!

Friday started, naturally, with porridge. I was so hungry all day though, and got through a lot of my bread and bourbon cream supplies. I also invented a new kind of beans on toast; kidney beans, curry sauce and bread. I forgot to toast the bread.

Saturday, and it's starting to take it's toll. I feel kind of weak, and walking down Guildford High street with all the smells of pizza and meat and bread was a challenge that almost made me fail at the last hurdle. Breakfast of porridge of course, and lunch of my special beans on toast, with actually toasted bread! Got some funny looks from flatmates but I enjoyed it.

It is now 4, which marked the beginning of this project on Monday (it's when I entered the shop). I can solemnly swear I have not eaten anything but that which I bought with £5. Drinking on the other hand....

Point proven, I guess. Now I just need to team up with someone for the actual charity event. Which also includes drinks in the £5....

Now. Where's that can of MEAT.

EDIT: Thinking of it, I ate possibly 2 sweets that someone gave to me. It was Halloween and seemed rude not to. Nutritional value nil though.

Friday, 2 November 2012

£5 for 5 days: Day 4

I would have liked to somehow compare this day to the temptations of Christ, but then I realised I don't actually know that story and also that's pretty big headed. And probably cliched. So instead I'll just tell you all; today was full of temptation!

Breakfast started the day alright, with porridge at around 8. But after lectures I was hungry, so it was fried bread and a bourbon cream by 10.30, then another slice around 12 because I didn't think I'd have time for dinner, so decided to have a lunch/dinner at 3. Unfortunately this dinner has exhausted my curry sauce supply, though I still have 27p to get more. Turns out I DID have time for dinner, so at 5.40 I flash fried some bread to keep me going for the evening. My friend came over and I cooked him soup, which was incredibly tempting to eat myself but I didn't buy it with the £5!

And then GameSoc. It seems the point of this society at Surrey is to play games and EAT LOTS OF PIZZA. As soon as I walk in I'm hit by the smell of Meat Feasts, Four Seasons, Mexican BBQ chicken beef sauce thing which tastes so very very very good.... I even end up craving kebab which, when you consider I've only ever had one, is quite impressive. In the end I leave early, when my opponents declare they are off for pizza too. Fried bread, a bourbon cream or 3 and a Nerf Gun make me forget the pizza, mostly.

Guess what I'm having first day after this is finished?