Wednesday, 31 October 2012

£5 for 5 Days: Days 2-3

Day 2 starts with my usual porridge (40g of porridge and 240ml of milk), except without my customary syrup. No complaints there. At lunch time I attempt to fry bread (reasoning that the amount of oil I use must account for less than 1p). Slice 1 goes well, slice 2 less so and slice 3 soaks up way too much oil. Dinner is curry again, although I cook it slightly differently by boiling the veg in the curry sauce having already heated it in the steamer. A bourbon cream or two makes a nice pudding.

A spanner in the works though. I seem to have contracted some kind of infection or similar that has blocked my sinuses and given me a terrible cough. As a concession to health I have allowed tea, fruit squash and Vit. C tablets to enter my diet (3 different people's recommendations). To be fair I wasn't factoring in drink into this project anyway, but the Vit C tablets strike me as fitting in the "nutrition" department and I only take them reluctantly.

Day 3 and I have to run my girlfriend to the train station, so a quick breakfast of bread dipped in milk suffices. Lunch is porridge, because I have to have at least one bowl a day. A trip to town reveals a difficulty in this scheme. It's all very well having cheap food at home, but in town it's all expensive. So for two hours I'm staggering hungrily around Guildford, before getting home to fried bread and bourbon cream. Dinner is again curry and rice, although this time I throw in the kidney beans with the veg and curry. Also need to cook the rice less, as it is still going mushy. Half a tin of peach slices doesn't just suffice as pudding; it's amazing. I love peach slices. The cough persists, and stopped me sleeping last night. I hope the lack of protein doesn't fuel it... would hate to have to open that can of meat and render my entire endeavor null and void.

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