Saturday, 13 March 2010

Hello World

Well, second attempt at getting this all up and running. It's amazing how small interruptions can delay the time between making a blog and actually filling it up with tasty morsels of the mind.

I'm Michael Parker, secondary school student of North Cheam, England.

My hobbies, as it is customary to introduce in your first post, include writing stories, playing the bass guitar (to what quality is best left to the imagination) , tabletop wargaming and painting, and the ever present pull of journalism that has prompted me to write this blog.

Which comes to the next point. What is the point of this blog? Generally I find the best things in life are those which are without a point, or at least ones that will not effect my life as a whole. Somethings, however, must have a point or they are useless exercises. This blog will, in all, have some sort of loose point. It is an area to place my reflections on the world around me, hopefully where someone, somewhere, will see them. The Internet is a vast place where you can send your message to every perceivable audience, but whether it gets read or not depends on the mound of interesting or pointless things that are above it. Or how often my spelling and punctuation mistakes reduce this to the kind of quality that can be seen on MySpace or a four year old's scrap book.

Perhaps that is a secondary point of this blog, spawning from the 'braindump' it will be; a place to express my outrage or concern of the world around me. Whether it degenerates into a pointless rant zone remains to be seen.

So for now I will conclude this post, on perhaps the most oft used, cliched, and absolute worse cliff hanger ever perceived by mankind.

I'll be back.

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